Rollbar Analyze is designed to deliver even more powerful insights to help your teams better understand your code and make data-driven decisions.

Rollbar Analyze is a collection of tools to use the data from your app's history for discovering useful information and identifying errors. It includes a Metrics API for analysis and discovery in an API format and our RQL tool to query, group, and review all your Rollbar events.

Metrics API

Metrics API, which allows you to build custom insights and gain historical trends, is now an integral part of Rollbar Analyze. This enables you to understand your code better and take action to improve your practices.

Metrics API Documentation


RQL, the query language that lets you explore your Rollbar data, has been significantly improved within Rollbar Analyze. We've increased the performance, fixed common bugs for a smoother experience, and added sample templates to make it easier for those new to RQL to learn and create their own queries, ultimately resolving errors faster.

RQL Documentation