SAML auth and SCIM provisioning with OneLogin

OneLogin can be used as SAML identity provider for your Rollbar account and can be optionally used to automatically provision users.

Enable SAML Authentication

In OneLogin:

  • Go to Apps → Add Apps and find Rollbar
  • Make sure to select the SAML 2.0 - user provisioning option.
  • The Rollbar Configuration tab for your SAML 2.0 - user provisioning will open. Add optional description if you wish, but make sure to click Save.
  • Go to the Configuration tab again, and enter your Rollbar account name in the Applications Details section and click Save.
  • Click More Actions → SAML Metadata, download the metadata file, and copy the XML contents.

In Rollbar:

  • Go to {Accountname} Settings → Security → Identity Provider.
  • Select OneLogin as the identity provider, paste the metadata and click Save.
  • Optionally select to require users to login via OneLogin.

In OneLogin:

  • Assign all users who should get access to your Rollbar account to the Rollbar app.


Unless user provisioning has been enabled for your Rollbar account, anyone who accesses Rollbar via OneLogin will need to be invited to Rollbar. To enable provisioning in your Rollbar account, please contact us via [email protected].

Enable Provisioning

If user provisioning is enabled for your Rollbar account, then users who are added to the Rollbar app in OneLogin will be provisioned in Rollbar.

In Rollbar:

  • Go to {Accountname} Settings → Security → Identity Provider. If your SAML metadata has been properly configured and your account has provisioning enabled, then a section titled Provisioning Options will appear on the page.
  • Copy the access token, click Enable user and team provisioning, then click Save.

In OneLogin:

  • Go to Apps → Company Apps and select Rollbar.
  • Go to the Configuration tab, and enter the Rollbar access token in the SCIM Bearer Token field, then click Enable.
  • Go to the Provisioning tab and do the following:
    • Check Enable Provisioning
    • Uncheck all options in Require admin approval before this action is performed in Rollbar
    • Select Delete as the action to take when a user is deleted in OneLogin.
  • Click Save.
  • Assign users to the Rollbar app, either directly or via a Role. If the person does not yet have a Rollbar user with the same email address, then choose to provision the user. The system should display a provisioned label next to the user after a few moments.