SAML Identity Providers

SAML Authentication is supported for accounts on Advanced and Enterprise plans.

SAML Identity Providers


You must be an admin of your Identity Provider account to complete the following steps.

Rollbar account owners can configure a SAML identity provider to authenticate users. The following SAML providers have been tested and have specific instructions:

Other Identity Providers

Rollbar should work with any identity provider that is compliant with the SAML 2.0 standard. Setup procedures for other identity providers will vary.

The following fields will likely be required by your identity provider:

  • ACS URL:{AccountName}/saml/sso/other/. {AccountName} is the slug of your account{AccountName}.
  • Login URL: Same as ACS URL
  • Entity ID:
  • NameID format: email address

Additionally, Rollbar requires the following:

  • An attribute statement of Email must be included.
  • Response and Assertion should be signed.
  • HTTP-Redirect and HTTP-POST bindings are required.

Require Log In via SAML

Once you have successfully saved metadata for your provider, you have the option of requiring non-owners to login via the identity provider whenever they access your account.

Users who belong to your account may still log in to other accounts using alternate authentication methods (username/email + password, OAuth via Github or Google), but if they attempt to access a URL specific to your account, they will be required to re-authenticate via your identity provider.