Enterprise Security Controls

If you have an Enterprise plan, you have the option to enable additional security controls. These are advanced security features that will help keep all of your data safe, protected, and centralized from disruptions. All features are accessed through the Account Settings page.

User List

You may view a list of users associated with your account here, including their username, email address, last login date and time, the last date they changed their password, and (if they are locked out of their account) the time they are locked out until. By clicking on a username, you can edit lockout status, expire the user's password, and revoke their active sessions.

Security Audit Log

Here you can see all of the recent actions in the Rollbar UI by any of the users in your account. Information includes the timestamp, event (such as "user_added_to_team"), the acting user ID and IP address, related user ID, and any associated metadata.

Other Security Controls

Rollbar offers a variety of other security controls. You can control the maximum number of login attempts for users in your account, and the lockout time associated with failed login attempts. You may also set a minimum and maximum password length, maximum age of passwords, and control the password history size (to ensure that it is not the same as any of the last N passwords). Additionally, you can control the maximum session length, as well as inactive time. You may also control the times of day non-owners access the Rollbar UI, as well as limit access to the UI to certain IP addresses.