Source Map Errors

Have your items received a source map error, and you're unsure how to proceed? Below, we outline the 8 possible errors with source maps and possible troubleshooting steps to help you upload your source maps.

No Sourcemap URL specified [no_source_map_url]

If you received this error message, Rollbar couldn’t find the source map because no sourceMappingURL was found. The minified JS file should have the comment {'//'}# as the last line of the file.

Troubleshooting Steps

Ensure Public Availability: Ensure your source maps and minified JavaScript files are publicly accessible. This is crucial for Rollbar to fetch and utilize the source maps for error mapping.

Verify Rollbar SDK Configuration: Ensure _rollbarConfig is correctly set with source_map_enabled: true and a valid code_version to enable source mapping.

Check Source Map Generation: Confirm that the source map was generated correctly and includes all necessary information. The minified JS file should end with a comment indicating the source map URL, e.g., //#

Review Deployment and Server Access: Ensure the minified JavaScript and source map files are properly deployed and accessible. Check server settings to allow access to these files, and verify MIME types for .map files are correctly configured.

Utilize Rollbar's Source Map API: To guarantee Rollbar has access to source maps before any errors occur, manually upload source maps using Rollbar's Source Map API during your deployment process.

Cross-Browser Testing: Test the source map integration across different browsers to identify browser-specific issues in detecting the sourceMappingURL.

The specified file is a source file [is_source_file]

Rollbar interprets files without a .min.js extension as unminified source files, assuming they don’t require a source map. If your file is minified but doesn’t use the .min.js extension, Rollbar might not process its source map correctly.

Troubleshooting Steps

Check File Naming Conventions: Ensure that minified JavaScript files are named with the .min.js extension to indicate minification. This convention helps Rollbar to automatically identify files that should be associated with a source map.

Verify Source Map Comment: For minified files not following the naming convention, include a clear source map comment at the end of the file, e.g., //# This directs Rollbar to the corresponding source map even if the file extension does not indicate minification.

Review Minification Process: Confirm that your build process correctly minifies your JavaScript files and appends the source map comment. Sometimes, build tools may not append this comment correctly, leading to Rollbar not recognizing the file as minified.

Ensure Public Accessibility of Source Maps: Confirm that the source maps for your minified files, regardless of their extension, are publicly accessible. This allows Rollbar to fetch and use them for error resolution.

Review Rollbar SDK Configuration: Double-check your _rollbarConfig to ensure it's correctly set up for source mapping, with source_map_enabled: true and an appropriate code_version.

Minified JS URL is invalid [invalid_minified_js_url]

Rollbar flags this error when the minified JavaScript URL is not publicly accessible, which may occur during local development or when browser extensions modify or inject code. These errors often do not indicate actual problems with your production code.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Verify URL Accessibility: Ensure that the URLs for your minified JavaScript files are correctly formatted and accessible over the internet. This includes checking domain names, path structures, and ensuring no URL typos or errors.

Check Server Configuration: Review your server's configuration to ensure it's set up to serve minified JavaScript files correctly. This includes setting appropriate MIME types and ensuring no access restrictions that might block Rollbar's access.

Review Build and Deployment Processes: Confirm that your build and deployment processes correctly update the URLs of minified JavaScript files in your production environment. Stale or incorrect URLs can lead to this error.

Filter Local Development Errors: Consider setting up filters in Rollbar to ignore errors originating from local development environments or known browser extensions. This helps reduce noise and focus on genuine issues affecting your production environment.

Use Absolute URLs for Source Mapping: When specifying the sourceMappingURL, use absolute paths that are resolvable in the production environment. Relative paths or paths that are only valid in a development environment can lead to this error.

React Native Specific: For React Native apps, ensure that your source maps are correctly configured for production builds. Since local URLs like localhost or reactnativehost are not resolvable in production; they should not appear in production errors.

Minified JS/Sourcemap download failed [minified_js_download_failed, source_map_download_failed]

This error indicates that Rollbar cannot access the specified minified JavaScript or source map files, potentially due to network connectivity issues or HTTP errors restricting file access.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Check Network Connectivity: Verify that there are no network issues between Rollbar's servers and the host serving the minified JS and source map files. This includes ensuring the hosting server is up and running without downtime.

Validate File URLs: Ensure the URLs for the minified JavaScript and source map files are correct and accessible. Incorrect URLs or typos can lead to download failures.

Investigate HTTP Errors: Look into specific HTTP error codes returned when accessing the files. Common errors include:

* Error 403 (Forbidden): The server understands the request but refuses to authorize it. Ensure that Rollbar's IP addresses are whitelisted if your server uses IP-based access control.
* Error 404 (Not Found): The server can't find the requested file. Verify that the files are correctly deployed and their URLs are accurate.
* Error 500 (Internal Server Error): A generic error indicating that the server encountered an unexpected condition. Check server logs for more details.

Review Server Configuration: Ensure your server is configured to correctly serve minified JavaScript and source map files, with appropriate MIME types set and no unintended access restrictions.

Invalid Source Map URL [Invalid_Source_Map_Url]

Rollbar could not the source maps as they weren’t publicly available.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Ensure Public Accessibility: Source maps must be hosted on a server accessible to Rollbar. Confirm that your source maps are not behind authentication or firewall restrictions.

Correct Source Map URLs: Check the sourceMappingURL in your minified JavaScript files. The URL should be accurate and lead directly to the source map file.

Avoid URL Typos: Typos in the URL can prevent Rollbar from finding the source map. Verify the URL for accuracy.

Manually Test URL Access: Use a browser or a tool like curl to ensure the source map URL is reachable without requiring login credentials.

Server Configuration Check: Ensure your server is configured correctly to serve .map files, including setting the correct MIME types.

No Source Map URL [No_Source_Map_Url]

The minified JavaScript file is missing a sourceMappingURL, preventing Rollbar from locating the source map.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Insert sourceMappingURL: Ensure your minified JavaScript files contain a sourceMappingURL comment pointing to the source map.

Audit Minification Process: Double-check your JavaScript build process to confirm it's appending the sourceMappingURL comment correctly to your minified files.

Manual Source Map Comment Verification: Review your minified JavaScript files to ensure the sourceMappingURL is present and correct.

Build Process Automation: If possible, automate the inclusion of the sourceMappingURL in your build process to avoid this issue.

Source Map Download Failed [Source_Map_Download_Failed]

Rollbar encountered issues downloading the source map, likely due to connectivity problems or incorrect URLs.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Network Connectivity Confirmation: Ensure no network barrier prevents Rollbar from accessing your source map files.

URL Verification: Double-check the sourceMappingURL in your minified JavaScript files for accuracy.

Hosting Reliability: If using a third-party hosting service for your source maps, ensure it's reliable and operational.

HTTP Error Investigation: If receiving HTTP errors when accessing source maps, address these based on the specific error code (403, 404, 500, etc.).

Source Map Load Failed [Source_Map_Load_Failed]

Rollbar couldn't parse the source map due to format or content issues.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Source Map Format Validation: Use a validation tool to confirm your source maps are correctly formatted and error-free.

Source Map Generation Check: Ensure your source maps are generated in a format that Rollbar supports and matches your minified JavaScript files.

Corruption Check: Verify that the source map files haven't become corrupted during uploading or on the server.

Re-generate Source Maps: If validation fails, regenerate your source maps to ensure they're correct.