Personal vs. Organization Accounts

When you sign up for Rollbar, two separate but related things are created in our system:

  • A user, which has a username, primary email address, and password.
  • An account, which can contain projects representing your apps/services.

If you sign up with the username johndoe , then we will also create an account accessible via .

Personal vs. Organizational Accounts All new accounts are created as personal accounts, which are meant to be used by a single person for their personal projects.

If you are creating an account for your organization, then you can change the account into an organization account by going to Account Settings → General → Convert to Organization.

Personal vs. Organizational Accounts

The only difference between an organization account and a personal account is that organization accounts can be renamed. The name of a personal account is based on the user, so if user johndoe is renamed to johnfoo , then their personal account would change from to .