Resolve via commits

Use Git commit messages to automatically resolve Rollbar items

If your project is integrated with GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab then you can include Rollbar item identifiers in your commit messages to auto-resolve the associated items when deploying.

Just include one of the following strings for each item you want to resolve in a commit message:

  • fix $ref
  • fixed $ref
  • fixes $ref
  • resolve $ref
  • resolved $ref
  • resolves $ref
  • close $ref
  • closed $ref
  • closes $ref

Where $ref is one of the following:

  • Full item URL, eg.
  • Item counter, eg. rb#2

Then execute a deploy by hitting the deploy API endpoint. The items referenced in any of the commit messages of the deploy will be resolved using the revision specified in the deploy params.