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Help Scout

Using Rollbar inside Help Scout

If you use Help Scout for support, you can integrate it with Rollbar to see recent errors that affected your users who write in to support.

The Rollbar app will appear on the right sidebar in the Conversation view. It looks like this:

Setup Instructions

Note that this requires a paid Help Scout account.

  1. In Help Scout, click Apps in the top bar
  2. Click Build a Custom App
  3. Click Create App
  4. Fill out the form as follows. Make sure to replace PROJECT_READ_ACCESS_TOKEN with a read scope access token for the relevant project.
  5. Click Save

Now when you navigate to a conversation in Help Scout, you'll see the Rollbar app showing the most recent 10 occurrences that affected the user who started the conversation.

Updated 2 years ago

Help Scout

Using Rollbar inside Help Scout

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