Resque Integration

How to configure rollbar-gem to work with Resque

Add the following in config/initializers/rollbar.rb:


You can also supply a custom Resque queue:

config.use_resque :queue => 'my_queue'

Now you can just start a new Resque worker processing jobs in that queue:

$ QUEUE=my_queue bundle exec resque:work

From a time ago, Resque errors reporting was supported by the gem resque-rollbar. Now that functionality is built-in in the own gem. All you need to do is use Resque::Failure::Rollbar as the failure backend for Resque.

In your resque configuration add next lines:

require 'resque/failure/multiple'
require 'resque/failure/redis'
require 'rollbar'

Resque::Failure::Multiple.classes = [ Resque::Failure::Redis, Resque::Failure::Rollbar ]
Resque::Failure.backend = Resque::Failure::Multiple


For more information on rollbar-gem, please see the docs here.