Saved Views

Quickly switch between different views of the item list page data

Saved Views provide the ability to store a combination of filters to create a particular view of the item list data, so that users can quickly switch between different views of the item data.

Saved views are stored at the individual user level, so users can create and quickly switch between multiple views of the data that they find useful. Users can create, rename, update and delete Saved Views as required.

When any filters are applied on the item list page, the Save this view button will be activated to store the new view, or replace an existing view. If a view has already been applied, but the selected filters changed, this will be indicated in the Saved View dropdown by an *.

To apply a Saved View, choose a view from the dropdown at the top of the Item List screen.

The Edit List option provides the ability to rename or delete a Saved View, or to view the filters that are stored for the view. To edit the filters, apply the view, change the filters, and then save the view with the same name.

Saved views can be shared to other users by copying and pasting the page url. If the user opens the same page with the same filters, they will be able to create their own Saved View with the applied filter.

Note - Saved Views are available as part of the Advanced and Enterprise tier packages.