Using Zapier to create Zendesk tickets

Why use webhooks?

Webhooks are a powerful tool to receive information from Rollbar and use in any other workflows you have. These will trigger on conditions you set and contain information about the Rollbar item. More information on webhook configuration and information can be found here.

What can we do with webhooks?

Here’s one example utilizing Rollbar webhooks and Zapier. Zapier is a tool which can "catch" the webhook, process it, and forward it to other tools you’re using (called Zaps). The following will need a paid subscription to Zapier. For this demonstration, we will use both webhooks and our people tracking features.

Suppose you have high priority clientele and need to ensure they have a smooth experience on your application. If they encounter an error you want to triage that immediately and inform your customer success team. As an example, let’s create a ticket in Zendesk for your team to follow up.

Don't have time to read? Watch our short video on how you can setup Zapier to create Zendesk tickets:

Create a Zendesk ticket automatically using Rollbar webhooks

First, copy this Zap to your own Zapier account:

You’ll see a screen which contains the Zapier webhook URL. Copy this URL and we shall use it when creating the Rollbar webhook:

WebhooksWe now are able to create the webhook from Rollbar. Go to your project settings, then select the + button in the Integrations column:

ProjectSelect Webhook and proceed to the next page:

NotificationsPaste the webhook URL provided by Zapier into the box and click on Enable Webhook Integration.

WebhookYour webhook integration is now set up! You can click on Send Test Notification , or send an actual Rollbar error message from your Rollbar enabled environment. For this example, we will send a production error message which contains person tracking information.

ZapierAfter you create a new Rollbar item, navigate back to your Zapier workflow. Click on Test trigger to load your webhook information.

ZapierNow, click on Continue to edit the filter.

ZapierThis Zap automatically filters emails based on their domain. This means that only users in those domains will automatically create Zendesk tickets. Edit these filters to your own specifications. Then click Continue.

ZapierClick Sign in to Zendesk to allow Zapier to create tickets. You can edit any fields or data you wish edit any fields to your own needs.

CreateNow, enable the Zap by clicking the button on the top right.

EnableThat’s it! All future Rollbar errors which meet your criteria will automatically create Zendesk tickets.


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