Setting up Rollbar

Set up your Rollbar account, configure projects, learn more.


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StepActionsResultsMore Help
0. Login to your Account. Sign-up for a account, or Sign-in to an existing account.You are able to login and create a project.Click here
1. Create a new project. Select an application that you would like to instrument with the Rollbar SDK.You have a new project created and have been able to send in errors, warnings, debug or info messages to this project.Projects
2. Invite team members.Invite your team members.You have new users added to your Rollbar account to help resolve errors quickly!Users and Teams
3. Setup notifications.Get slack, email, pagerduty or other notifications enabled.You need to know when things go wrong. Setup notification for your project. Try our adaptive alerts to reduce notification noise.Notifications

5. Integrate your source control provider.Setup GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket.Get instant insights into the last code commits for your errors, find out who can quickly fix it.Source Control Integration
6. Setup Versions and Deploys.Connect your deployment pipeline with Rollbar.Understand which deployment caused a problem and what version for quick resolutions.Deploy Tracking
7. Enjoy knowing that Rollbar has you covered! You have done it all!Better quality software, fewer bugs, less time debugging and root cause analysis. More sleep!