How to configure rollbar-gem to work with your Grape app | Support Level: Community

Quick Start

To capture 500s inside the API gem "Grape" for Rails applications, add the following as a global exception handler:

rescue_from :all do |e|
  if Rails.env.development?
    raise e
    error_response(message: "Internal server error", status: 500)

Test your installation

If you're not using Rails, you may first need to add the following to your Rakefile:

require 'rollbar/rake_tasks'

You may also need to add an :environment task to your Rakefile if you haven't already defined one. At a bare minimum, this task should call Rollbar.configure() and set your access token.

task :environment do
  Rollbar.configure do |config |
    config.access_token = '...'

To confirm that it worked, run:

$ rake rollbar:test

This will raise an exception within a test request; if it works, you'll see a stacktrace in the console, and the exception will appear in the Rollbar dashboard.


For more information on rollbar-gem, please see the docs here.