For general information about Rollbar's issue tracking features, check out the Issue Tracking guide.

In Rollbar

  1. Visit the Settings page in Rollbar and go to Notifications. From the Notifications Settings you will select Trello from the list of "Available Channels".
  2. Click Connect to authorize Rollbar to access your Trello account.
  3. To authorize Rollbar, click Allow on the Trello OAuth page.
  4. Once you've authorized, you'll be able to customize the type of notifications and frequency you want to automatically create Cards on your Trello Boards.
  5. Turn specific Items in Rollbar into Cards in Trello. When viewing an Item in Rollbar simply click Create Trello Card to send the error details to Trello.
  6. You can also link an Item in Rollbar to an existing Trello Card. When viewing an Item, select the drop down next to the Trello button and then click Link existing Trello Card and copy and paste the URL for the Trello Card you would like to link.

Congratulations! You have now integrated Rollbar with your Trello account. Events from Rollbar will automatically create Cards on your Trello Boards. If you want, you can customize the default rules by editing, adding, or deleting them.