Zend Framework 3

Using Rollbar PHP SDK with Zend Framework 3 applications

Rollbar PHP SDK can be used with Zend Framework 3 with little effort. All you have to do is install the rollbar/rollbar composer package, instruct your application module to initialize Rollbar and report on dispatch.error event.


  1. Run composer require rollbar/rollbar in CLI or add "rollbar/rollbar": "^1" to your composer.json as a dependency and run composer update.

  2. Add your application-wide Rollbar configuration options (everything other than access_token and environment) to config/autoload/global.php:

return [
    // other Zend Framework 3 global autoloaded configuration
    'rollbar' => [
        // application-wide Rollbar configuration options
  1. Add your access_token and environment config options to config/autoload/local.php and / or config/autoload/development.local.php (the second file is only used in Zend's development mode):
return [
    // other Zend Framework 3 local autoloaded configuration
    'rollbar' => [
        'access_token' => '[insert your access token here]',
        'environment' => 'production'
  1. In your module/Application/src/Module.php add the following code to your onBootstrap method:
public function onBootstrap(MvcEvent $event)
        $application = $event->getApplication();
        $config = $application->getConfig();
        $eventManager = $application->getEventManager();
        $eventManager->attach(MvcEvent::EVENT_DISPATCH_ERROR, [$this, 'onError']);
        $eventManager->attach(MvcEvent::EVENT_RENDER_ERROR, [$this, 'onError']);
  1. Still in your module/Application/src/Module.php add the onError method:
public function onError(MvcEvent $event)
    $exception = $event->getParam('exception');
    Rollbar::logger()->log(Level::ERROR, $exception, array(), true);


Rollbar PHP SDK will now report all PHP errors and exceptions thrown in your Zend Framework 3 application to your Rollbar account.

If you want to trigger manual report to Rollbar anywhere in your application use the Rollbar facade's error, warning, info and debug methods:

\Rollbar\Rollbar::error("Manual error message from a Zend3 app");