For general information about Rollbar's issue tracking features, check out the Issue Tracking guide.

Authorize Rollbar


In order to create tasks in your Asana account, at least one user in your Rollbar account must authorize Rollbar to access Asana.

  • Click on your avatar and select User Settings.
  • Click on Connected Accounts and select 'Asana'.
  • Click on Connect to Asana and then complete the authorization flow.

Once you've successfully connected to your Asana account, you will see a message Your Asana account YOUR_ASANA_LOGIN is connected.

Configure Project Settings

Asana integration is configured on a per-project basis in Rollbar.

  • Click on Settings then Notifications
  • Click on Asana.
  • Select which authorization token will be used to create and update Asana tasks, as well as the Workspace or Team where the tasks will be located, then click Save Settings
  • Specify the rules you'd like to have for automatically creating and updating Asana tasks. For more details on the available options, see our issue tracking guide.
  • To ensure that your account is correctly configured, click Send Test Notification. If successful, you'll see a link that allows you to view the test task which was created.
  • To activate the Asana integration, set the toggle to Enabled.