.NET v4

Rollbar Notifier SDK v4 for any .NET-based technology stack


A .NET Rollbar Client/Notifier that can be used in any application built on the following .NET versions: .NET Core 2.0+, .NET Standard 2.0+, .NET Full Framework 4.5+, Mono, Xamarin, and, in general, any implementation of the .NET Standard 2.0+.

It simplifies building data payloads based on exception data, tracing data, informational messages and telemetry data and sends the payloads to the Rollbar API for remote monitoring and analysis of the hosting application's behavior.

Optionally, the Notifier persists the payloads locally in case the Internet connectivity is not available or the Rollbar API server is not reachable. Once the connectivity is restored the stored payloads are forwarded to the Rollbar API server while obeying the configured rate limits.

The Core component of the SDK also contains a client and all the expected data types needed to communicate with Rollbar Deployments API that allows your product deployments registration with Rollbar.


The SDK can be integrated into your codebase either as code, for example, as a git submodule referencing our GitHub repo OR as prebuilt assemblies available either here or via Nuget.

To install the SDK core component, use Nuget Package Manager:

Install-Package Rollbar

//May require an additional package
Install-Package Rollbar.NetCore.AspNet

OR use the following .Net Core CLI command:

dotnet add package Rollbar

//May require an additional package
dotnet add package Rollbar.NetCore.AspNet


Installing alternative SDK components

Other extension components of the SDK could be installed in a similar way. Just replace Rollbar in the command above with the desired component's NuGet package name (that does correspond to the name of the component). The available extension components are listed within the next section (SDK Overview) and available on Nuget.


Using Rollbar.NET within Strongly Named (or Signed) Host Applications

The SDK assemblies are not strongly named (or signed). Hence, you may get either build-time warnings or run time assembly loading errors, depending on the exact type of the signed hosting application and its signing related settings.

These signing related issues can be easily resolved by using StrongNamer (https://github.com/dsplaisted/strongnamer) that is available as a NuGet package.

Just add StrongNamer package as a NuGet dependency to every project of your solution that also references any of the SDK components and the issues will be solved.

SDK Demo Samples

For more complete examples of integrating the SDK within different types of .NET applications, please, see our collection of working Sample Projects.

Help / Support

If you run into any issues, please email us at [email protected]

For bug reports or new feature requests, please open an issue on GitHub.