GDPR & Rollbar

Rollbar is compliant with GDPR and can serve as a data processor for customers who control data from individuals in the EU. We provide the following measures to enable our customers to maintain GDPR compliance:

Data Processing Agreement

Rollbar provides a data processing agreement (DPA) which can be viewed and accepted by going to Account Settings -> Security -> Data Processing Agreement.

Data Retention

To ensure that you retain your customer's identifiable data no longer than necessary, we've added the option in paid Rollbar accounts to customize your data retention period between 7-180 days. You can update this by going to Account Settings -> Security -> Data Retention.

Right to be Forgotten

We've added an API for deleting person tracking data. See our API docs for details.

Data Subprocessor Explanation

If you are required to list Rollbar as a data subprocessor, the following information can be provided:

  • Purpose: Exception reporting
  • Location: USA


Don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected]