Upgrading to v4

Types are good, M'key?

Rollbar SDK v4 incorporated a major refactor to add better typing and interoperability with the latest packages and standards in the PHP ecosystem that are not supported by PHP 8.2 onwards.

The main changes of v4 are:

  • Supporting psr/log v3 and monolog/monolog v3.
  • Eliminated deprecation warnings in PHP 8.2.

Return value of the Rollbar\Rollbar::log() function

In v3, Rollbar\Rollbar::log() returned a Rollbar\Response object. In v4, Rollbar\Rollbar::log() returns void to comply with the psr/log interface.

If you need to access the response, use the Rollbar\Rollbar::report() method instead. It accepts the same arguments as Rollbar\Rollbar::log() but returns a Rollbar\Response object.

Updated Interfaces

Rollbar PHP SDK users can implement several interfaces. We dramatically simplified their usage and made them less error-prone by setting return and argument types.

  • Rollbar\DataBuilderInterface
  • Rollbar\FilterInterface
  • Rollbar\ResponseHandlerInterface
  • Rollbar\ScrubberInterface
  • Rollbar\Senders\SenderInterface
  • Rollbar\TransformerInterface

If you have implemented any of these to customize the behavior of the library, you will need to update your implementation to match the new interface.

The interface Rollbar\Truncation\IStrategy was replaced with the updated Rollbar\Truncation\StrategyInterface. If you extended Rollbar\Truncation\AbstractStrategy, the interface name change is automatic. However, you may still need to update your class to match the updated interface.

The Rollbar\Senders\SenderInterface was updated in v4 to include the brand-new requireAccessToken() method. It returns a boolean indicating whether the sender requires an access token. This determines if the access token is required when configuring the Rollbar instance. If false is returned, the access token is not required. This is designed for senders that use an intermediate service to send data to Rollbar. (e.g., AgentSender etc.)



Custom senders that don't require an access token must update the payload with the access token before sending it to Rollbar.

Class changes in Rollbar\LevelFactory

The LevelFactory class was changed in v4 to use static methods instead of instantiating an object. Because of this, the LevelFactory::init() method was replaced with LevelFactory::getLevels(), which returns an array of valid log levels.

LevelFactory::fromName() and LevelFactory::isValidLevel() were changed to static methods. This simplifies the use of the class.

// Before
$error = Rollbar::logger()->getConfig()->getLevelFactory()->fromName('error');

// After
$error = LevelFactory::fromName('error');

The Rollbar\Config::getLevelFactory() method was removed.

The unused $levelFactory property was removed from the

  • Rollbar\DataBuilder,
  • Rollbar\Config, and
  • Rollbar\RollbarLogger

The following items were removed by v4

  • Rollbar\Payload\Level::IGNORE constant
  • Rollbar\Payload\Level::IGNORED constant
  • Rollbar\Payload\Level::__callStatic()
    • This means you can no longer call Level::debug() or Level::info(), etc. You must use the constants Level::DEBUG and Level::INFO, etc.
  • Rollbar\Rollbar::report_exception()
    • use Rollbar\Rollbar::log() instead
  • Rollbar\Rollbar::report_message()
    • use Rollbar\Rollbar::log() instead
  • Rollbar\Rollbar::report_fatal_error()
    • use Rollbar\Rollbar::log() instead
  • Rollbar\Rollbar::report_php_error()
    • use Rollbar\Rollbar::log() instead
  • Rollbar\Config::getAllowedCircularReferenceTypes()
  • Rollbar\Config::getLevelFactory()
  • Rollbar\Senders\AgentSender::toString()
  • Rollbar\Senders\CurlSender::toString()
  • Rollbar\Senders\FluentSender::toString()