Connecting Rollbar to OpsGenie

Rollbar can create Incidents in OpsGenie.

What does Opsgenie offer Rollbar users?

By using Opsgenie’s Genric API Integration, you can forward Rollbar incidents to Opsgenie. Opsgenie can determine the right people to notify based on on-call schedules, using email, text messages (SMS), phone calls, iOS & Android push notifications, and escalating alerts until the alert is acknowledged or closed.

Functionality of the integration

When an item is created, reopened, repeated or reactivated in Rollbar, an alert is created in Opsgenie.

When the item is resolved in the Rollbar, the alert is closed in Opsgenie.

When the alert is closed in Opsgenie, the item is resolved in the Rollbar.

In OpsGenie:

  1. Go to the Project Page in Rollbar. Then, click the Project Access Token link on the left. Copy the token that allows access to all write calls, except POSTing items or deploys (write token).
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations. Search for "API" and select Add.
  3. Paste the "Project Access Token" to "Rollbar Write Access Token" field.
  4. Specify who is notified of Rollbar alerts using the Responders field. Autocomplete suggestions are provided as you type.
  5. Copy the URL.
  6. Select Save Integration.

In Rollbar:

  1. Navigate to the project you want to integrate with OpsGenie
  2. Click Settings → Notifications → OpsGenie
  3. Paste the API key from OpsGenie and click Save Settings
    NOTE: You can override the default Integration key in each of your Rollbar notification rules to control which escalation policy is triggered in OpsGenie.
    NOTE: Example OpsGenie URL / API Key https://api.opsgenie.com/v1/json/rollbar?apiKey=abcde-ffff-eeee
  4. Click Send Test Notification to ensure that your configuration is correct
  5. Click Enable
  6. Configure your notification rules. See Notifications for details of the available configuration options.

Native OpsGenie Notification Configuration


Sample OpsGenie Notification From Rollbar