Auto-upgrading in Rollbar

If you have a paid subscription to Rollbar, then you can choose to automatically upgrade your account whenever you reach your monthly event limit.

Automatic upgrades are enabled by default, and can be turned on/off by going to Account Settings --> Billing Info.

If automatic upgrades are enabled, you will receive several warning emails before your plan is upgraded. We send you emails when your account has reached 70%, 90%, and 100% of your monthly quota, and we'll also notify you if your account was automatically upgraded.

If automatic upgrades are disabled and your account reaches its monthly event limit, then your account will not receive any more data until your next monthly cycle begins.

We send out notifications throughout the month to notify you if you are likely to hit your event limit, so you have the opportunity to choose to auto-upgrade or to limit the number of events sent to Rollbar.

Click here for more information about billing in Rollbar