For general information about Rollbar's issue tracking features, check out the Issue Tracking guide.

Connect your Account

Get started by going to your account settings. Navigate to the Pivotal tab.

In Pivotal, navigate to your profile and copy your API token. Paste your API token in Rollbar and click Save.


Configuration is per-project in Rollbar.

  1. Head to the Notification settings page for a project: Dashboard → Settings → Notifications → Pivotal Tracker.
  2. Choose the API token you want to connect to Pivotal with, and click Enable Pivotal Tracker Integration.
  3. Congrats! You have now integrated Rollbar with your Pivotal Tracker account. If you want, you can customize the default rules by editing, adding, or deleting them.
  4. Turn specific Items in Rollbar into Stories in Pivotal. When viewing an Item in Rollbar simply click the button Create Pivotal Tracker Story to send the error details to Pivotal.