Sending Logentries Alerts to Rollbar


Rapid7 - Logentries service discontinued.

The Logentries service will be discontinued on March 7th, 2023. Please contact Rapid7 for more information and options.

If you use Logentries, you can set up alerts to report to Rollbar. For example, you can create an tag matching error, and then configure Logentries to notify Rollbar whenever an event in Logentries matches.

A "message"-type Item will appear in Rollbar, using the log message from Logentries that triggered the alert. The host, timestamp, and context lines will be included as well.

Use the following webhook URL:

  • A post_server_item project access token must be used in the URL.
  • The environment param is required.


  1. In Logentries, click "Tags & Alerts" in the top nav
  2. Click "Create Tag / Alert", or modify an existing one
  3. Configure the tag. Then press "Add Alert" near the bottom
  4. Check the "Web hook" box, and enter the webhook url from above.
  5. Save the tag/alert.