This is a beta feature. Expect some rough edges. To request access please visit the beta signup page


The Rollbar Toolkit for Kubernetes brings code error data from Rollbar into Prometheus so that it can be used in making orchestration decisions.


The Rollbar Toolkit for Kubernetes consists of:


Project Operator → Makes it really easy to configure Rollbar inside your K8s cluster and has 2 parts:

  • Project CRD defines Rollbar projects in the k8s cluster
  • Project Controller connects to Rollbar API

Prometheus Exporter → Enables tools like Flagger to use Rollbar data to automate decisions, has 2 parts:

  • Exporter calls Rollbar API to expose Rollbar data to Prometheus running in your cluster
  • Export Controller manages configuration for what data to export

Together they enable Automated Progressive Delivery to work with Flagger using Flagger's own Resources.