Rate Limits

If you are using a rollbar-php version prior to 1.0, then rate limits will not be respected because API calls are batched. Please see the rollbar-php changelog for details on the latest version and upgrade instructions.

Rate limits allow you to control how many occurrences are saved and processed. In turn, this gives you control over how many occurrences count towards your monthly bill.

Each project access token can be individually configured with a different rate limit. The default rate limit for all access tokens is 5,000 calls per minute. If you'd like to set a higher rate limit on any of your access tokens (e.g. 10,000 calls per minute), you can do so by contacting support@rollbar.com.

Once the limit is reached, all calls to POST items will return HTTP status code 429 Too Many Requests until the next rate limit window begins.

If you go over your rate limit, a new event will be generated in your project: it will show up on your dashboard, on your API errors page, and (depending on your notification settings) you will receive an email. You can then resolve, comment and configure notification settings for the generated error the same way you would for others. Note: these events are not counted towards your bill.

You can change your rate limits as often as you want.


Starting from a project, Go to Settings → Project Access Tokens and click on the pencil icon to edit.

Next, choose a time window from the rate limit dropdown menu. Choices are:

  1. Default rate limit
  2. 1 minute
  3. 5 minutes
  4. 30 minutes
  5. 1 hour
  6. 1 day
  7. 1 week
  8. 30 days

Finally, enter in the maximum number of items to be saved and processed in the text box to the left of the dropdown menu and click the checkmark to save.

New rate limits and changes to existing limits will take effect immediately.

API Response Codes

If your access token has a rate limit and has reached it, all successful API calls will result in an HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests) response code. Once the limit is reached, there can be a short delay before our servers begin to reply with a 429. This does not mean that these items will count towards your bill. These items will not be processed and will not appear on your dashboard.

If you're using a custom script or library to POST items you should make sure it can
handle the 429 response code.


When a rate limit is hit in a project, Rollbar automatically generates a System Message error with the title Your rate limit has been reached for access_token TOKEN_NAME.

You can configure a special Every Occurrence notification rule to detect these messages and notify the appropriate team members via any notifications channel.

To identify rate limit notifications, use the following filters:

  • Source: System Message
  • Title contains Your rate limit has been reached for access_token


At the end of your billing cycle, the total charge is calculated based on all items saved and processed. This will not include items that were not processed due to your rate limits.